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Full Set – Acrylic £32
Full Set – Acrylic Gel  £37 – Infill £30
Full Set Ombre £40 – Infill £32

Full Set Gel White Tip £42
Infill Gel White Tip £33
Acrylic on Natural Nails £32
Take Off & Overlay On Natural Nails £40
Gel Remove & Redone £27

Take Off Acrylic &  Gel On Natural Nails £32

Biab on Natural Nails £30

Full Set Biab & Gel £40 Infill £33

Gel White Tip £28
Gel Manicure £24
Gel Luxury Spa Pedicure £40
Gel Remove & Gel French Tip £30

Normal Manicure £20
Normal Pedicure £31

Take Off Gel Polish £10
Take Off Acrylic Powder £13
Take Off Full Set – Gel £43
Take Off Full Set Ombre £46

Take Off Full Set French Tip £49

Gel Toes Painted £26
Normal Toes Painted £21
One Big Toe Acrylic £5
Full Set Gel Toes Extension £40
Glitter On All Tips £5
Art Design from £3
10 x Diamonds £3
3 Different Colours £3

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